We are Auckland’s premier plastering & painting company. Our reputation for excellence is unparalleled.

Our team of Plasterboard stoppers have earned their reputation for excellence by providing superior craftsmanship and impeccable service to well over 2,500 satisfied customers in the Auckland area. We are the first stopping company certified by both Master painters and the AWCINZ (New Zealand’s certifying body for plasterboard stoppers, plasterboard fixers, and fibrous plasterers).

With over 144 years of experience between our expert staff in plasterboard installation, stopping, and painting, we stand behind the quality of our work by providing our clients with a two year warranty. At the Gibstoppers, we specialise in the following types of stopping projects. This includes wall skimming, interior plaster, texture removal, and interior painting.

We specialise in a wide variety of areas for all of your stopping, plastering, and interior finish project needs. No job is too big or too small, we do it all.

At the Gibstoppers, we specialise in the following types of stopping projects. This includes wall skimming, interior plaster, texture removal, and interior painting.

  • Plastering of Bathrooms
  • Plastering Residential Renovations in occupied homes
  • Plastering office and retail premises
  • Plastering of New Homes
  • Fixing and Gib Stopping after plumbing and roof leak repairs
  • Fibrous Plaster Cornice and Gib Cove

Plastering for bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house considering the amount of detail involved in a relatively small room. There are usually five to seven trades involved, so punctuality and accurate scheduling is extremely important. We have expert project managers on our team who would be able to simplify the process by reducing the number of parties involved.

We will make sure that your bathroom is plastered on the right day and to the highest standard to avoid any costly delays. In fact, the gibstopper can stop a bathroom or any room in approximately two to three days depending upon drying time. This type of job requires specialised skill sets as it often involves joining to or skim coating existing walls to make everything blend in and appear brand new.

Plastering residential renovations in occupied homes

Do you need a plasterer who is good at renovations or working in your home while you live there? You need someone who is trustworthy and can deal with the complexity and planning issues of a renovation. You will find that scheduling, attention to detail, and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. We especially enjoy renovations, as it requires different set of skills, such as ensuring that our craftsmanship matches the existing interior, as well as coordinating with other trades and owners in a smaller space.

As you can see by our testimonials, our clientele are always impressed with the professional and respectful manner in which we operate in their homes. We will work together to ensure your floors, furniture, and electronic equipment are protected during the interior finish project. We are always punctual, professional, and polite. We do our best not to intrude upon your living space and we maintain a clean site throughout the entire home renovation project. The Gibstoppers are also renowned for leaving homes immaculate after we have finished our job.

You will never get “bumped” for a bigger job!

njtsUnlike many other “one man operations,” here at The Gibstopper, we pride ourselves on always completing a job promptly and to the highest of standards. We sometimes get calls from clients who have been “let down” by other plasterers.

This scenario usually starts with a stopper who has run out of work so he prices your job cheaply. Once he gets a more lucrative job opportunity, he ditches the cheap job to accept the better offer. This is something we will never, ever do!

Plastering office or retail premises

If you have office or retail premises that need stopping you will need accurate timing and clean operators. You will also need someone who is careful to take care of the fittings and other items in the space as these are often costly.

Plastering in new homes

If you have a new home that needs a great, long lasting, stopping finish, “The Gibstopper” can help. Paul and his team use machines to produce a very sharp finish. Paul has been with us since 2007, since then, we have developed a great GIB® stopping system that ensures that your job is completed correctly and on time, leaving a great finish for many, many years.

First coats are bedded in the use of high adhesive interior plaster. Subsequent coats are then laid on, producing the flattest possible contour. After this, we cover the join in a sandable stopping compound to produce a smooth texture. After sanding the Gibstoppers use a high- powered halogen light to fine sand and touch up any marks that could show themselves after painting. A second light-check (or spotcheck) from the plastering supervisor ensures that nothing is missed.

The Gibstopper process

Our stopping or interior plastering work is based on a three to five coat system; whereas most other companies use as few as two coats, while less expensive, the finished product is not as strong. We strongly recommend the use of paper tape or fibre fuse, which is specified by the GIB® board and other plasterboard manufacturers.

Base coats are extremely important and we use only base coats high in adhesives, as this forms a much stronger bond than alternative products or some other commonly used stopping compounds.

When “The Gibstopper” arrives on the job, we will review the project with you again. In particular, we will discuss finishing details and design aspects to achieve the best possible finish. We will outline a schedule that works for everyone involved and we will stick to it.

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