Improve the style and property value of a room with gib coves or fibrous plaster cornice gib coves.

Classic Gib coves create a minimalist feel and look great in new, contemporary style homes. Coves can also be retrofitted in your existing home. Classic Gib cove is available in 55mm, 75mm, or 90mm. The Gibstopper  can install the gib or paper-faced cove of your choice.

Fibrous plaster cornice and fibrous plaster ceiling domes.

There are hundreds of Fibrous Plaster Cornice mouldings in New Zealand homes, ranging from 90mm to 300mm styles. They come in a wide variety of styles – from simple designs or a more intricate style that includes vertical patterns.

Our experienced fibrous plaster cornice installers can fit these to existing or new homes. Plaster cornices add a level of refinement and authenticity that cannot be achieved with Gib Coves or plain timber mouldings.

Fibrous plaster cornice plastering to match your existing fibrous cornice.

Fibrous plaster cornices maintain the authentic character of your home. During renovations of older homes, matching the existing cornices and ceiling domes ensures that the original style is kept.

Our Fibrous plasterer, or fibrous stopper, will need to remove a sample of your fibrous cornice to do a match. This match requires that a reasonable length of fibrous cornice be removed in a way that preserves its good condition.

When we try to match the fibrous cornice in your home, we may find that it is no longer available. If this is the case, your fibrous cornice can be individually manufactured specifically for your home. We can install and match almost any fibrous plaster cornice or ornate plaster.