The Gibstopper specialises in correct GIB® board installation for a long lasting finish.

The Gib fixing team has been working together since 2007 and they are simply the best team available in the Auckland area. They have worked together day after day, refining their processes and procedures, to consistently produce a more stable, longer lasting, and better looking Gib fixing and Gib stopping finish.

The Gibstopper is your one stop shop for all GIB® fixing and GIB® stopping jobs after plumbing and leaky roof repairs.

Does your home have a leaky roof or need repairs due to plumbing disasters? Our expert team of plastering specialists make it easy for you by being able to do the jobs of three different tradesmen. We can fix the GIB® Board, GIB® stop, and paint the surfaces after we are finished with the plastering. Our dedicated GIB® fixing team specialise in the installation of GIB® board, in accordance with the most successful GIB® fixing techniques.

We recommend getting our GIB® fixers involved early on to ensure a long term quality finish.

GIB® fixers need to observe correct sheet layout and back-blocking to ASNZ Standards. This is crucial to a good- looking, long-lasting finish with maximum crack resistance. Many GIB® fixing failures are a result of not following AS/NZS2588 – 2011 for Plasterboard installation. Unfortunately, there are a number of crucial issues related to the GIB® fixing that are generally not considered by most GIB® fixers or even by architects and builders. These issues often also relate to GIB® board layout with respect to framing and to ceiling battens or design issues.

During the initial visit, our specialist will discuss ceiling batten layout and recommend steel ceiling battens. In fact, we are able to include installing steel ceiling battens as part of the package. This assists you by leaving responsibility for the substrate to which plasterboard is fixed The Gibstopper. This in turn allows us to produce a long lasting quality finish.